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Chris Krupa

ANTC32 W11 - In the low Amazon region of Columbia (Putumayo) – mid 80’s and 90’s - Putumayo/Amazonia o Remote and marginalized o 2 roads o Densely forested, can only be travelled only in certain conditions like weather, type of vehicle (small), humid and hot, - There is strange political status – being granted departmental (province) status in 1991, which is very recent. It is recognized as political unit very recently. o Strategic line and maintaining its sovereignty - There were not very many Colombians that live there but more migrants and settlers that was looking for money. When it becomes populated, their political status in relation to becoming a Columbian – because of its population, there is vacant, absent, all these essential characteristics - Rubber exploitation – the site of development, major drug trafficking, many different Guerilla forces, paramilitary activity, etc. - Author wants us to feel the ongoing construction in Putumayo as out of the way place. The reach of law where the law of jungle survives. A place where state control is tangential. They live there as a state of absence. State hasn’t been invested in area and thus feelings of impunity go in it. Some other law runs it. Violence that state cannot control. - Hobbesian state of nature p.24
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