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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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ANTC61 LECTURE 68 Efficacy of Traditional Medicines & Anthropology of Senses Efficacy of Traditional Medicines Biomedical practitioners and models in a social and political framework Problem of bio-ethics what is right and wrong? James Waldram - placebo as non-specific healing effects systematically de-valued - not easily explicable in the organic model of disease, therefore distrusted - standard needed to be efficacious, negative value attributed to placebo, because what we cant control is thrown out, disregarded in the model of knowledge in bioscience WHAT COUNTS AS KNOWLEDGE? In this model, ethics is incorporated - Influence of discourses! Shamans idea they deceive, but sophisticated and successful in placebo effects - when they work well, help people see illness experience in a different way and perhaps experience in different mental states and mobilize their views Performatives (speech act) - illocutionary effect (formal word of performative act) - effectiveness of ritual (set up and performed in appropriate ways) Levi Straus (analyzed a text) In a structure of a myth or healing ritual Part of structural anthropology Mental and emotional trauma have meaning based on occurrence, historical culture Follows laws and processes not clear, but the forms of myths and stories and rituals address structures of the psyche Similar to M.Locke, through meaning (from context) functions of the brain is changing creates variations in the same thing addressing structures Thomas Csordas (talks to living people, story within a theoretical model) placebo is imprecise, doesnt account for the cases where people try and doesnt work need more specificity Medical Anthropology 1
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