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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough

[ANTC61 - LECTURE 9] Biomedical Hegemony and Resistance Biomedical hegemony and resistance Divination to give sense of patients conditions A look at how diviners are Syncretism pulling different practices together Sorcery Poeisis intersect of medical, social and spiritual Way you use your own story and get faith in yourself Therapeutic emplotment physical healing work see the importance of orienting the patient within a particular story Last week How knowledge is built using our senses How historically and cross-culturally senses can be elaborated differently drives different forms of medical intervention Dominance of the visual sense in western and eastern Kuriyama how different understanding of circulatory systems:Chinese pulse as naturalistic, tells you about the state of your organs and gender of your fetus Byron Goods - important article* - human beings as bodies and medical cases: training in how to see, speak, write gross anatomy to microscopic level - organized knowledge to create a particular language authorizes particular roles and gives them power to intervene (social power of medicine) power developed within an institution social recognition - Ontario have controlled acts have potential for harm - institutional structure (not pt. Of hierarchy) to customize how power and roles should be balanced need to be managed - way people are shaped Allen Young - ideology - institutional ideology shapes PTSD how patients experience and B role into an explanatory model in an institute Young medical discourse (PTSD) means statements in scholarly works creating it based on written works, medical histories discourse of written language PTSD first created! 1
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