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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Scarborough

[LECTURE 11] Biological Citizenship Biological Citizenship Our relationship with parents, socially formed relationships Biological to social categories of mother and father naturalized Reproductive technologies forces to relook at these meanings of motherhood and fatherhood Facts of society and facts of nature Biology of creation (process of procreation) creating kinship Notion of kinship to link social and biological Primarynatural Displace other ways of understanding human relationships - divergent ways of representing people collective, clans, extended families have different consequences and model of relatedness Biological relatedness of kin through common ancestor Even notion of incest varies between culture Diff. models of conception anchor diff. models of paternity - how sexuality resulted in pregnancy - multiple acts of sexuality with diff. partners to procreate to find father, can use dna test What is blood? How is it produced? created diff. notions of relatedness Sharing food ex: breast milk related, therefore if become a couple by someone you shared milk, means incest not biological relation, but social Legal sanctions involved what constitutes the family notion of family intersects with multiple domains Thompson studies ARTs culture in the making relationships not stable - legal decision vs. Clinical dont always mesh closely Multifaceted Marcia In vitro fertilization in Egypt IVF create great hoax and may also dashes them Medical Anthropology 1
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