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Lecture 12

Lecture 12

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[LECTURE 12] Anthropology and Global Health James Ferguson anti-politics machine? (book!) Paul Farmer - mountains Anthropology & Global Health Public health and international development experts Culture shock, how we are situated to one person vs. Other cultural assumptions Type of fieldwork ethnography, practice that shapes knowledge in reality Causes of disparities Organisms themselves that are involved virulence Poor so much sicker, social forces involved how has present global situation been shaped? - look at colonial? Earlier? Post war? Pre-war? What sustains these inequalities? capitalism? Health improving in the west, other places has gotten worse - Life expectancies down, disease burden up Poverty and powerlessness seen globally, for causes of poor health - due to lack to resources - powerlessness individuals, subject to power regimes (like colonialism, patriarchal, agri-business) of subject where they are not at heart Poverty and powerless, is an economic and political issue BM alone cannot solve this problem Improve health technology and provide to other centres of the world? Paul Farmer, Whites and Buyonce Rockefeller Foundation helps mostly Latin America then elsewhere International development regime Discourse of modernization theory (notion that all nations were on a trajectory, like U.S ahead of the trajectory and able to turn back and help other nations to reach there) route to become like western nations Modernity means many things, attitude people take to history and their place in it, attiude towards others Medical Anthropology 1
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