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ANTC61: October 30, 2012 - Ethics Medicalization - Peter Conrad o Medicalization is more driven by commercial and profit now o Medical and market interest - Process of transforming non-medicalization issues that matters of health and well-being o E.g. doctor testing for your blood pressure – in solution to stress - Doctors and their disease categorize, society and its intrinsic desire to label and have solution to illness, big pharma and markets to sell more medicine Pros of Medicalization? - drugs work o recognition as a disease and ways of treating them and they can actually be cured o e.g. viagara, medicalization of Alzheimer’s or dementia - medicalization can combat stigma o normalizes and makes it easier to talk about disease – e.g. HIV - can increase feelings of self-worth o sense of relief from being ostracize o Goes back to Cartesian’s mind body dualism - leading to better medical outcomes - can destabilize biomedical hegemony o destabilizes clinical or hospital based hegemony / biomedical system / power of doctors o if you know how to treat your disease, if you know what medication = you can destabilize o if you know you can “diagnose” your own illness = critique Cons of Medicalization? - biomedicine intrudes on everyday life o you can’t escape hegemony o biomedicine increases our reliance to hegemony - profit drives, not health concerns - can cause increased stigma o label of disease can be attached to the individual as stigma o e.g. shyness in the article - medicalization = social constructionism (the authority of institutions rather than biology determines the agenda) o believes in the perspective that reality is socially constructive o e.g. PMS may not really
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