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Lecture 2

Week 2-Witchcraft, Oracles and Magic among the Azande.docx

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Laura Sikstrom

Evans-Pritchard  Attribution o The Zande use witchcraft to explain unfortunate events o any failure or misfortune is attributed to witchcraft  Reaction to witchcraft o not scared of the presence of occult like we are and not surprised by it o react in anger instead of awe o anyone can be a witch and not be consciously aware of it, moreover, people do not necessarily cast spells on each other, but do so "accidentally"  Witchcraft is not the full explanation o they do not deny the empirical knowledge of cause and effect, but that explanation does not say why it happened to that person and at that time o e.g. old granary collapses, can be attributed to termites, but does not explain why it collapsed at the exact time that particular people were sitting there (western thinking would attribute it to coincidence) o Witchcraft explains -why, but not how (that is explained by common sense or empirical knowledge) o Zande belief in witchcraft does not contradict empirical knoweldge of cause and effect  the Zande philosophy is so ingrained into them, it is not formally stated as a doctrine 
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