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Lecture 1

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Laura Sikstrom

 illness o refers to how the sick person and those around them respond to symptoms and disability o it is the lived experience of monitoring bodily processes and symptoms  illness behaviour o consists of initiating treatment, changing diet and activities, eating special foods, resting, engaging in exercies, taking medication  illness problems o difficulties that symptoms and disability create in our lives e.g. unable to walk up the stairs or have distracting back pain or we get angry because we think no one believes our pain  Culture o the way illness is understood and treated is always shaped by culture...these are "normal ways of being ill" o locally shared illness idioms create a common ground for patient and practitioner to understand each other Sickness  understanding of a disorder in its generic sense across a population in relation to economic, political and institutional forces  e.g. when talk about TB and that poorer populations are at higher risk, we are invoking tuberculosis as a sickness  not just researchers, but pati
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