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ANTC61- Lecture 1 – May 7 , 2013  When reading want to take into consideration year and author  Ex. First week reading – 1988 vs 1939, once is in colonialism etc. -history/genealogy of each persons thought is diff  Know the films for the midterm Course assessment  Midterm/final – non cumulative  Midterm in class 2hrs – SAQ and LAQ  Final report 8-10 pages (10 scholars, can pick own topic, or pick from list – start thinking about it after midterm) (30%) 1. Medical field report  Understand how ANT analyze and gather data  Main thing we do – ethnography, participant observation, field work spend day to day life with the ppl you are studying – and take field notes a/f  How patients and students interact  Write a 2 page summary of a medical encounter that you’ve had, or reflect on something in the past -dentist appointments -clinic -describe event no analysis -pay attention to interaction with doctor, things they say to you. Who you are with -later will come back and analyze is with tools learned in class  Due in two weeks may 21 . st  Add in emotion – Questions Film: the gift of diabetes  Filmed process of healing from type 2 diabetes  What does Charles Lesley mean when is says disease is more than…  What does bryan do to make his diabetes better  He waited 7 years to do something of diabetes- why?
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