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Laura Sikstrom

Thinkler field study  healer patient interaction o spiritualist  no eye contact  no affect for the patient  10 min for the first consultation  spiritualists know everything also ask little questions o biomedicine  face to face contact  demeanor varies by physician  Healer recruitment o spiritualist  sick before becoming a healer  experiential evidence that healing works that they understand o biomedicine  young, healthy upper middle class  cannot relate with the patient  treatment repertoires o spiritualists  complex reprtoires (patient were responsible for cure-had to have enought faith)  herbs collected by patients  patients responsible for cure, through faith  patients always agree with treatment o biomedicine  simple repertoires  medicines given by doctor  physicians responsible for cures but not failures  patients sometimes disagree with treatment Kau Faito'o: Traditional Healers of Tonga (movie)  how are healers recruited and trained? -learn from parents and family, but one was taught by a local healer (children are around older people all the time) o trained from a young age (mostly by relatives)  o midwives  they are taken from lineage (family)  believed it is a gift from God  o  trained by watching and internship with their mother or grandmother o healer  use bark from different trees fro medicine o massage therapists  learned healing from father who learned from his mother  healing learned from external island of fiji  also responsible for fading away infections o fertil
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