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Laura Sikstrom

essay:  how well you incorporate anthropology ideas (should not sound like a psych essay)  research topic with sources  must have a thesis, argument, evidence  AAA style  news cannot be used as a primary source (can be biased, inaccurate, not peer-reviewed) Plagiarism  if you do not use the article in the reference, but do not use it, it is plagiarism  look on blackboard: make sure you understand how to paraphrase without plagiarizing...must be in your own words  the author's name comes first and everything afterwards is assumed to be the author's Ideas for Essay  look at programs WHO, Bill and Melinda Gates to see what programs they have about health o doctors without borders (peter redfield) o newspaper o biggest journal: medical anthropology quarterly Social Suffering and Idioms of Distress  Social suffering o idea proposed by Klienman and fleshed out by Locke o deals with the causes and results of illness  idioms of distress o how people respond to social suffering the mindful body  saying to put mind back in the body  area where anthros and psychs disagree  anthros do not distinguish between psychological and body problems  evil eye-jealous (the mindful body that is related to more broader social problems)  somatization of emotional states o anger (susto-Mexico-Finkler) o depression-physical causes of depression o social dislocation (volk)...migrating can cause illness o stress o fear (PTSD) o imbalance (the idea that our emotions are linked)  social suffering o gender inequality o poverty o marital tensions o domestic relations o work relations (aihwa ong)  Women have headaches, men have backaches o men are stronger and do physical labour o women are more thinkers-moreheadaches  this is the way our labour force is organized, not many women doing construction work  not a physiological given (men are stronger than women), but culturally influenced o women and emotional labour  work in jobs where they are expected to perform emotional labour e.g. teachers, daycare workers, nurses, food service, hair stylist (required to be friendly, chatty, smiling, happy etc.) o chronic pain:  food service and hair stylists had more chronic pain than sex workers because the working conditions were words 4 implications for health and healing  1. socioeconomic and sociopolitical forces can cause ill health o high infant mortality rates are indications of poverty o historical trauma (colonialism), Haiti-Farmer etc. o TB-overcrowded island has high rates o suicide rates disproportionate by age and area and race o immigrants who come to canada are healthier when they arrive than while they stay here...even if their conditions were worse and no free health care  2. social institutions, such as hospitals, can make suffering worse o institutions and organizations, NGOs can reproduce inequalities o orphan care institutions make things worse (Erik Bordsey- talking about world vision) o fadiman-they got free health care, but were really discriminated against (added stress on top of worrying about child)  3. Pain and suffering of disorder is not limited to individual but extends to family and social network o if you break your leg, you parents drive you to get to school o when you are sick, it's not just about you and your body, things ripple out and affect others o alzhiemer's -patient doesn't know what is going on, but relatives are very affected o disease is not isolated in a single body o Brian Whitford-alcholism, violence, depression later in life  4. collapses distinction between health and social problems, requiring social and health policy changes o can't focus on obesity if only focus on symptoms, not helpful to consider it as only a disease, need to look at school programs, etc Factories and Spirit Possession
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