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Laura Sikstrom

 cause of HIV o comes from primates o carries SIV (simeon immunodeficiency virus) ...monkey version of HIV o earliest known case in Congo (1959) o came out around 1890-1900 o only became a huge problem in the last 20 years  Change o people are moving around in new ways (leave villages, gay men coming out) o blood transfusions  higher prevalence o in subsaharan africa o started in congo or cameroon (though it has a lower prevalence than other parts of africa)  transmission o the way that HIV can be transmitted: o blood, semen, breast milk, vaginal fluid, (cerebrospinal fluid) o dr.-patient ratio (is the opposite of prevalence rates)  basic lack of access to care may be a reason why some places have higher prevalences than others  HIV incidence and export value of countries track each other closely o drivers, moving, boats etc. more transmission  presence of highways and trade routes influences your chances of getting HIV (social change)  circumcision o being circumcised can buffer you from getting HIV (the foreskin may be more prone to getting the virus)  Ronald Reagan o first case of American AIDS, Reagan ignored it for 7 years  president of South Africa o raped a woman, but said he would not catch HIV because had a shower afterwards o (the president is completely ignorant of transmission)  HIV disproportionately affects African Americans o blacks have a shorter appointment at the Dr.'s office than white people o sociopolitical/economic reasons o black men have 8x's higher chance of HIV, black women 23 times more likely than white o so even though US is low in prevalence, depends on race  serial monogomy o date one person at a time and then date another o if introduce virus into group, it will move much slower  multiple concurrent partners o everyone in the network catches the virus much faster o this is why it spreads faster (because in some countries, concurrency is the norm)  sexual map of an average map of an american high school  Social Implications o Social stigma:  hemophiliac (blood disorder that lacks clotting)  in the US, 1980s, they were not screening their blood supply (people that were donating were the poor people (got paid for it))  half of american hemophiliacs ended up getting HIV  people lack trust, have a scape goat etc.  HIV carries with it a blame that other diseases do not (you're a cancer survivor,
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