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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Producing Medical Knowledge

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Lec 07Producing Medical KnowledgeOctober2011919 AMWhat is ethnocentrism How is the politicians claim ethnocentricoA bias how we perceive other cultures on the basis of our own culture or own views and ideals oEx Believing ones nation as a divine nation the Modern West vs the Traditional RestWhat can result from thisoDiscrimination less utilization of health care services by members of minorities if they feel theyre being judged or not treated well This tends to exacerbate existing health problems within minority communitiesoCan increase marginalization if there is increased burden of illnessOn The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down one of these will be an exam question know these points welloWhat happens to Lia towards the end of the bookShe ends up in a persistent vegetative state caused by septic shock a blood infection as a result of all the medication prescribed which had immunosuppressing effects and probably allowed her to contract the disease The doctors just saw her as her seizures they were expected so when that final one came they didnt catch the septic shock until afterThe irony is her parents belief that her medicine was making her ill ended up being true and the state fought them so hard to the
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