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Lecture 8

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Peter Skrivanic

Lecture 8Tuesday March 08 20111101 AMEnvironmental EthicsChallenging the claims of human superiority Were not looking at specific environmental issueswe want to examine the underpinnings between humans and the nonhuman worldModernity and Disenchantment with Natural WorldWB Yeats poet JR Tolkien LOTR CS Lewis NarniaCommonality bringing in fantasywriting as a part of a secret intellectual society Inklings They were committed writers They were lamenting the end of a time when society was inspired by what was not real especially the natural world There was an ontological separation between humans and the natural world The idea of an enchantment a deeper mysterious relationshp between humans nonhuman world was disappearingWere questioning our relationship with nature Nonhuman entities have rights too In fact in traditional societies these nonhuman entities have rights that are often codified in law The idea behind environmental ethics is the fundamental ontological relationship bteween humans and the natural world and identifying the ideas of hierarchy and dominationKey challenges idea of superiorityLeopold wrote a critique of the human nonhuman relationshipArtistotle said that nature has made all things specifically for the sake of man Religious and culturla views assert that humans have dominion over the earths plans and animals Capitalism commodifies natural resources and believes ininfinite resources to be converted into profitsTerra Nullius empty landJames Cook did not think that these communities Australia made productive use of the land and the land was a waste land waiting to be cultivatedThese terria nullis were lands that were constructed to be be made empty bc they were underdeveloped unused idle etc Edward Said said that waste and disorder would be converted into productivity Land is only useful if its being used in the production of a good that will enter the marketJohn Locke said that if you come to alnd anywhere in the world and the land is not used for production and profit you havethe rgiht to take that land Until it is soiled it is not under the ownership by anyoneChipko movementTheattempted to understand the impact of the idea of terria nullis This movement stirred around the world It was one of the first documented movements of the world that origintaed from the indigenous communities and it lead to a nationalinternational effect to flag the exploitation of the natural worl dand its implications on communities in those lands Uttar Pradesh an alliance of primarily women but also men against the Indian state national international corporate loggers There are three indigenous communitites Kols Kotlas and Doms The area was a rich forest and the East India Company exerted control over the area andits resources They started exploiting the fore
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