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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Peter Skrivanic

Lecture 8Wednesday March 02 2011203 PMLecture 8Efficacy of Traditional Medicines and Production of Medical KnowledgeEfficacy of Traditional MedicinesStory A student at the medical school a Chinese doctor taught at was not feeling well and asked for a checkupA number of tests were done and she was told she had an advanced form of cancer You never compromise the patients ability to get betterdoctor should never limit the patients natural healing nocebo effectBiomedicine is organized around what constitutes knowledgeBiomedical practitioners are bound by laws There are debates about this idea of placebo bioethics Biomedicine is integrated into the social and political system of a society Biomedical assumptions can be encoded in law andshape judicial proceedings and the law also constrains biomedical practiceyou must give patients informed consent to prevent being penalizedInformed consent you dont disclose some medical information because disclosing will lead to distress and this info doesnt have Therapeutic silence a huge impactie there is an 85 yearold male in the 1st stage of prostate cancer Telling him will cause his death before it becomes a medical problemA doctor may lie on behalf of a patient to allow a patient to have a procedure medical insurance companiesYou practice psychiatry and call it fatigue to allow costs to be covered points out that are systematically devalued in scientific research Theyre not easily explicable in terms of James Waldramplacebos the organic model of disease and they are distrusted The biosciences seek to excise the things that cant be control becausewe want to design effective interventions that we can controlie A drug must perform greater than a placebo to be deemed efficacious Traditional medicinesShamans one view states that they though deceive shamans are effective workers of the which is not just a pill but a placebo effectprocess They help people see experience in a different way experience different mental states and in the process mobilize healing potentialAnthropology of religion is focused on the effectiveness of ritual through performatives illocutionary effect Performatives is a speech act For example you are married changes the world because from that moment on they are married If set up in appropriate ways ritual speech changes many thingsSaying you are healed in a certain context will create the belief and expectation that of healing and sometimes doing that can change the bodyin the structure of a healing myth can change theMental and emotional trauma have meanings based on their LeviStrauss occurrences in a historical and cultural context However the psyche works it follows certain laws and processes to navigate The forms of stories can address structure of the psyche If we can one day demonstrate a physical material basis for psyche psychiatry and shamanism will be s
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