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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Peter Skrivanic

Lecture 4Tuesday February 01 2011816 PMLecture 4 Local Ailments Local BiologiesBody can be seen in 3 waysLiving body seat of experience phenomenologySocial body potent vessel for symbols and society marks the bodyBody politic role in the power of shaping the body how are bodies shaped by powerFoucaultWrote a number of books such as the 2 featuredBirth of the clinic teaching hospitals and medicine Medical gazeIn preDemocracy France public torture was very common as a public display of state power literally inscribing itself on the body of its victimsAs France became more Democratic power had to change form Medicine psychiatry are fields that power started to operate in new ways to produce docile bodies how people come to internalize discipline People learn to accept rules and not contravene them People are under constant surveillane so you learn to discipline yourself Medicine and pyschiatry become modes of surveillance because they allow the classification of bodies Medical knowledge becomes on tool of power knowledge By virtue of the knowledge practice they participate in doctors are partaking in the classificiation of Power is not only repressive but also productive Power has become hidden diffuse and internalizedColonial postcolonial studiesColonial In the 18th and 19th century colonialism is presented as humanitarian Hygiene could bring improvements the concern was disease was not purely benevolent Fears of contagion racialized theory and population organization for labor is widespreadThe body is where colonialism manifests itself People are told to dress differently and experimented on to study diseases In Africamissionary work and medicine went hand in hand These are not just passive populations that were overridden The body became a tool to fight back to not be submissivePostcolonial Studies the colonies after the colonial powers have gone home Socioeconomic productionWe learn how to value labor and consumption Competitive sports have values competitions toughness achievement youthfulness that are a metaphor for capitalism in general These ideas are sometimes contradictory ie the various roles women are exp
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