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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Biomedical Embrace ANTC68 - Lecture 10 Idea of Modernity How are priorities determined, who gets access? issues of power Attainment of modernity Biotechnology leaves hope for those who have access vs. Those who are excluded - medical imaginary how effective and imaginative circulate in popular culture - related to hegemony and how biomedical is expressed - AFFECT SIDE! rips peoples imagination and illicits commitment - capital investment in biotechnology research, articulation of news findings ex: stem cells in the human genome project belief in research to develop cures, products in markets those who participate this is what good means in medical hegemony - ex: popularity of life science enrolments Dark Side Organ black-markets , medical scandals, side effects of medication - how biomedical imaginary circulate this imagined idea Appadurai imagination is a critical field in processes of globalization - circulation of images in media , currency that can produce change in medical world - modernity - Africa, biomedical knowledge power of medicine to cure diseases - potent tool to driving conversion modernity How have anthropologists investigated biomedical technology? - how about challenges in enduring concepts like personhood, kinship, family trouble the line of culture and nature life and death - trouble these boundaries and create debate gives rise to conceptualizations Who gets access?What services are de-emphasized, to make another service possible due to limited budgets? body snatchers - drug people and deliver the body to a hospital Production of modern medicine Troubles that emerges related to modification of organs, who owns body parts? What rights and obligation do diff. bodies have with alienated body parts?
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