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Bianca Dahl

ANTC61: Lecture 3 (September 25, 2012) Next week’s tutorial – controversial medical issue and its representations inherit in the media (illness, disease, Medical Anthro. Language = metaphors) Amputee wannabes - e.g. UK doctor’s medical license was revoked after performing two amputees to two BIID patients. He felt that it was more reasonable to do it in a control hospital environment - diagnosable disorder Recap from last week: - kleinman: Illness – individual’s interpretations Disease – biological/doctor’s interpretations Sickness – macrosocial/political context in regards to disease - scheper-hughes and lock: o 3 types of bodies:  individual  social – metaphors used by society regarding the issue * reflected to the readings this week  political - Greg and Saha: o biomedicine and the concept of cultural medicine  how doctors and patients interact  how doctors misinterpret the symptoms  doctors categorizing = producing stereotypes and more problems by doctors  immigrant and minority issues  doctors’ awareness of culture this week’s readings: - sontag: o language shapes and reflects our ideas about illness – stigma lies in language o kinds of metaphors we used to describe diseases and describe symptoms and bodies shape the individual’s experience of the disease o TB vs Cancer  TB’s representation fit in the “suffering in silence” and made in passive = fashionable at the time  through the metaphors  Cancer – was a death sentence  through the military metaphors she used o Her experience of having breast cancer = was utterly stigmatized and awful because it was shameful according the society at that time 1 - Ehrenreich: o “relentless brightsiding” of the cancer awareness industry is a “pink- washing” or covering over of the underlying structural causes of cancer (carcinogens), and curtails women’s rage against it o shift on advocacy and awareness of cancer compared to before  angry on how same companies benefit through profiting from “awareness of cancer” but the same companies who make us more susceptible to cancer. - Jain and Ehrenreich: o offers a “queer” reading of its heteronormative-ness and asks, what you think about cancer as communal event o significantly higher risk of African American woman than higher upper class white American women  genetics and social factors? o Cancer as a communal event = vs. cancer as not being ment
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