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University of Toronto Scarborough
Bianca Dahl

ANTC61: week 05 lecture Midterm – readings/lectures - MC and short answer - Lectures 1 – 4 - Nothing on the book CHARM OF MEDICINES: Metaphors and metonyms - Meds not used how they are prescribed - Meds small, portable, sellable o Properties as objects o Have special social significance Charms – an object, or saying believed in magic power: e.g. the dreamcatcher - special properties believed to be found in the objects - magic aura around an object, act or saying - having drugs legitimates illness experience - kleinmann  disjucture between doc’s disease categories and patients illness experience implications for social relations - having drugs can validate a person’s illness or legitimates the person’s experience in regards to the illness - makes you feel like you are fighting the illness - liberating, individualizing - validity of the illness experience - can be empowering for the person - = writing; can be passed around o  takes the expertise of the doctors and other health professionals and regular people can use o if you know your dose/your medication = you are able to access it ^ - people can get outside of the hierarchy in the position of the health care o e.g. woman was able to hide her status of being medicated as she hid her medication inside the dishwasher (in synced when she needs to take her medication) – able to take her medication without being in the hospital o people are allowed to take care of their own health through their own way Medicine as commodities - commodities are things that have exchange values and don’t lose their properties in exchange (based on its market value) - Marxist theory* - belief in their extrinsic value 1 - e.g. NOT a commodity – belief of a diviner (i.e. shaman – throwing bones to diagnose someone’s illness) VS medicine is a commodity - Medicine is sailable – can be transacted, bought and sold, stolen without lose of extrinsic value - Medicine as commodity – can be individualized – somewhat “magical” Metaphor – figurative thinking o using it to describe illness and treatment i.e. “fighting a war”
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