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Peter Skrivanic

Martin Week 3 Article: The body as nation state  Describes the main imagery currently in use in popular scientific descriptions of the immune system in the US: o The body as a nation state at war over its external boundaries, containing internal surveillance systems to monitor foreign intruders  In new science of immunology, social differences – between men and women, managers and workers, or citizens and foreigners – are written metaphorically into the character of various immune system cells.  The major metaphor used depicts the body as a ‘regulatory-communications network’ o An engineered system, ordered by a fluid and dispersed command control intelligence network  An intruding foreign cell is a ‘guy who doesn’t speak the language’ o Boundaries within body (self) are fluid, but that b/n body and external world rigid  Non-self external world conceived as foreign and hostile  Body is the scene of total war o Granulocytes = white blood cells attack foreign enemies o Complement system: function as magnetic ‘mines’ that are drawn to bacterium causing it to explode o T-lymphocytes = killer cells that attack cancer  One main image in virtually all scientific literature about the immune system is the distinction b/n self (body) and nonself (external) o Killing the nonself important o Police state comes to mind in relation to all the ‘trained protectors’  Sometimes in nation states, the intruding foreign cells are equated to people of different national origin  Thymus and bone marrow = educationanal institutions that ‘educate’ the cells  Defining character of the nation state is the limited domain o Con
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