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Lecture 4

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Peter Skrivanic

Week 4 Locke Article – The Turn of Life  Konenki: the turn [change] of life; the critical age; the menopause  Different answers were given of what menopause was, showing that illness depends on the sufferer’s perception within a cultural context. The following are from Japanese students: o Migraines o Shoulder stiffness o Rheumatism  However for some menopause holds social meaning o Time you get free and do what you want e.t.c. from Japanese students  In North America, menopause is perceived to have o Hot flashes o Night sweats  Konenki described as both an experience and an idea  ‘young people are lucky to have periods, cause you get tired easily during konenki, irritable, and can’t focus as you used to’ pg 6  Konenki means more than just the end of menstruation o Some women believe you can skip it all together  Some think it is an illness caused by being nervous o Some think men can have it too  Men likely to get sick more often in their fifties than women  Those who thinkn konenki can be avoided: o Have unpleasant symptoms in mind that not necessarily everybody experiences  Those who dwell on specific symptoms and focus more on general signs of aging: o Assume everybody goes through konenki  Some people think you can pass through konenki entirely and still be menstruating after  Some view end of menstruation and konenki as the same thing  Some view them as different o Konenki is the time when sacred function as a woman is over i.e. child bearing o End of menstruation is a shorter period, while konenki lasts longer  Therefore, the Japan
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