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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Larry Sawchuk

ANTC67 2162012 21200 PM Examy Exam MC 60 questions from lecture and 40 from readings y Tuesday professor will be here 104 to ask questions y Look carefully at readingsy There will be tutorial questions y Every top hat question is going to be on exam DISEASEBASICS 2012 Slide 21 y Going to give a graph like this and ask what the crisis mortality is and how you would respond to that Look at anything above top bandSlide 53 y Vector is a means by which disease can be transmitted y Example exam question Vector for influenza pandemic was there is no vector y Vectors are living transmitters y Vehicle transmission is called fomitey Remember harborage for exam Slide 55 y Cilia traps airborne particles y Look for cilia on examSlide 56 y Lysozymeremember name for exam y Eyelashes trap particlesy Mucous membrane helps product against antigen like dust particles or anything carrying pathogens Slide 57 y Covering organs and important elements of body y Dry and acidic in hostile environment y On your skin theres living things which are positive things y Perspiration gets rid of heat but also produces enzymes that protect you against bacteria not viruses Slide 58 y Transit timewhen you put something in your mouth and when it exists your system y The longer the thing is in your stomach the longer it has to do potential damage y You want to put something and extract all the nutrients and good stuff but at the same time get it out as fast as you can because some of these things your consuming can be carcinogenic
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