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Lecture 9

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ANTC67 Lecture 9 3222012 120100 PM th Assignment 2 due April 9 thth Can give it April 10 before 10am but try to submit it by April 9 There poor meaning lifestyle behavior low education social determinants of health When looking at problem right away take that into accountThings have changedbefore professor used to be able to smoke in class How were things like in 1984Attitudes and so on from 1984 isnt the same as today so you cant talk about it2 Have to know what RR and AR are to explain why you use OR instead of those3 Lecture or any statistic bookAnything lower than 5lbs or 2500 grams is considered low birth weightWhat are the factorsodds for elevating the chance of having a low birth weight childParity1 is 1 child and parity1 is more than 1 child Another factor is prepregnancy weight How much the mother weighed before pregnancy You
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