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Larry Sawchuk

Influenzafor67 3292012 120600 PMNo tutorial next weekPosted article helpful for assignment 2BV 498 shortcut to odds ratio calculatorAdd 01 or 05 to wherever it says 0 but make sure to add it to every cell Slide 1Not going to be on exam Talking about 1918 influenza and the target population is USA Slide 4By killing off individuals with tuberculosis you lower the tuberculosis rates in subsequence years because there are less individuals to come into contact with a pathogenSlide 6Their conclusions may be somewhat compromisedConstruct 3 points in timeMoment of crisis is 1918 There is a period before and after the epidemicLook at what happened from 1904 to 1917 and 1919 to 1927Populations were smallThis is the temporal set up background mortality event consequence Slide 7AdvantagesIts an urban population unlike USA where its heterogeneousThousands of records of peoples employment etcKnow whos in the population at any given timeYou can never get all this information for somewhere like USA because it has a large magnitudeList contains peoples names death reasons syphilis stigmatized etc Slide 8Looking at what Noymer purposed and seeing if you can make generalized assumptions Read this articleSlide 9Life table approach has to do with anything that is operative and then failsSlide 10GC is general cause of death Under this you can have old ageP1 is what the doctor said and P2 is the underlying cause of death attributable to the doctorUnder P1 you might have heart problems
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