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University of Toronto Scarborough
Larry Sawchuk

Going to analysis disease during single and multi variate approaches from given data set which then put in 2x2 tableOdds ratiooAxDBxCSo looking at presence and absence of cardiovascular disease and see whether age is contributing factor so age is exposure to over 60 and minus is 60 and belowoExample 1 A15 b18 c41 d1767o1 so no effectoSo axdcxb got value of 344oSo this particular value has to be double checked due to chi square because want to be 95 confidence that this ratio did not occur due to chance aloneoWhen calculate on program find that chi square is 1583 and effect of exposure says highly sig so we reject H0 and accept alternative hypothesis and say that there is a substantial effectoSo those individuals who have a disease are somehow affected by ageCant really go and do anyting more with the statistics that were given to usoSystolic blood pressure is a proxy for hypertensionAre you more likely to suffer from cardiobasicular disease if you have hypertension or no hypertensionoA29 b711 c27 d1244oRow 1 sbp is greater than or equal to 140oRow 2 systolic blood pressure is less than 140oOR value is 188 effect of exposure is moderately positiveoChi square is 491 which is significant according to the programChi quare shows whether or not there is a relationship between the two variables that does not occur ot chanceSo now changing example 1 and dividing each one by 10
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