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Larry Sawchuk

Dont need to be exact with numbers thth Begins 1918 september find calendar of 1918 eg sept 16 is first week 7 to 13 is second week etcQuestion 4 what you cancannot compute o Eg can you compute the mortality rateSo you can computeMortality rateof deathspop at eg a given yrEg for 1918 1701577 then 1000So you dont have to compute really but you need to show that you can do it o Eg can you compute fatality rate of dead of sick with diseaseCant because dont knowof people sick with diseaseWHO chpt 2 look at calculations there and see what cancant doEg hypothetically what if they died and werent buried thats a complication o Also assuming everyone died in cemetery etc from influenza o So have to write I assume a b c d e when I look at these resultsInfluenza has a W shaped mortality pattern o We dont have one for our data o W shape is for normal pop o Our data set isnt a normal population because a lot of minors
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