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Larry Sawchuk

bold lines gives us the confidence limitlevel of variation that can expect to see in mortality from one yr to the next in normal 95 confidenceoutliersour graph should look like the graph in our notesnot all epidemics are homogenous in their impactin 1834 and 1835 these are considered moments of crisis or crisis mortality and would have sig impact on pop in terms of unusal mortality on top of what s known as background mortalitycholera also occured in late 1840s early part of 1850sso the pandemics were occuring before we had a firm understanding of the diseaseswe can take the same graph and supeimpose on another pop we wont get the same resultswould have a question on the exam eg which points show crisis mortalitycholera death rates in gibraltar 1865 slidecholera deaths by religion slide25 vs 8 death rateso first would ask is the results statistically sound eg is this only an artifact of small sample size are the differences statistically sigso these numbers are statistically sigso once get past this point gotta think about why it is statistically sigone of the answers is SES socioeconomic statusbetter housing more money for better food better quality wateralso talmudic exam questionso most religions have txt on how you should live your life eg book bibleso what would be something you wouldnt want to consume during the cholera epidemicso prob not good idea to consume seafood like shellfishso this was part of talmudic dietary practises
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