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Larry Sawchuk

ANTC67 W9  How to do odd’s ratio o Histogram o Normal curve  It tells you what you achieved collectively on both points  Average assignment 10.1/15 = 67%  BV498 – Odd’s  Will do assignment 2 for you  Is the disease associated with exposure or is disease independent of exposure  Odd’s ratio o What is found in cell A and D decided by Cell B and C o If it is close to 1 there is no association o So you want your odd’s ratio to be greater than 1  Dirty Dan the water seller o Increase water-bourn disease? o Refer to agenda aug 29 o You got 13.5. what does this mean?  Null hypothesis (Ho) o Drinking water and cholera are independent o Lack of dependence  Alternative hypothesis (H1) o They are dependent and associated  Compare observed (OR) to expected (OR) o OR is calculated by A and D decided by Cell B and C o This is our critical value o Any value greater than 3.865, we will reject, and say that they are dependent on each other (i.e. cholera happens from drinking dirty water)  Null hypothesis is always one of no association  You are always looking at binary situation Lung cancer  Exposure to something will elevate the risk of cancer o Lung cancer - Smoking o Breast cancer – Breast feed  These would be null-hypothesis. ??? Null hypothesis (condition and exposure have no effect on each other) Condition Exposure Autism (have no relationship with…) MMR vaccination Measles Malnutrition Cardiovascular disease Obesity  Falsify Ho and support H1 2 step process  Collect data and compute OR  Compute chi-square value o Chi-sq tells you whether Odd’s Ratio is due to chance or not.  Does it make sense? Should we make another hypothesis? Example  OR is 4.7  Chi-sq value is 38  So we reject hypothesis of null association  What could be at play her
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