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ANTC68WINTER 2013Lecture3Epidemiological TransitionsSyndemics ANTHROPOLOGICAL APPROACHESMANDERSON 1998Health Belief Model Educating patients will lead to a CHANGE in behavior by replacing supposed FALSE beliefs with ACCURATE knowledge Doesnt always worksRapid Anthropological Assessments Anthropologists familiar with a particular population may be asked to quickly ascertain human behavior and specific local beliefs and knowledge o Rapid because of time or money or in locations without trained personnel o During an epidemic it is especially important to come up with quick interventions o Methods Indepth Interviews Focus Groupso Anthropologists contribute to local taxonomy how a disease is defined and etiology how a disease is caused o Anthropologists help minimize suffering o Anthropologists facilitate ACCESS to biomedical resources and SUSTAINABLE interventions o Anthropologists help with KNOWLEDGE TRANSLATIONSYNDEMICSyndemics SYNGERISTIC interaction of two or more coexisting diseases and the resultant excess burden of disease Medical anthropology contributes to the study of illness by exploring alternate concepts of sickness in a sociocultural contextAs the way we think about sickness changes our response to it changes as wellIn a syndemic the whole is greater than the sum of their partsInteraction between two diseases can occur a the biological level or a more socialmacro level Example Poverty o Rates of impoverishment increase every ear as does the gap between the rich and the poor o Poverty impact nutrition shelter access to health care sanitation water political power psychological stability o Increased poverty leads to increase susceptibility to infectious diseases and limited means to change and adaptStructural Violence violence of poverty social and political marginalization racism sexism and other forms of structure inequalities and their effects on peoples lives health and agencyAgency the capacity of human beings to affect their own life chances and those of others and to paly a role in the formation of the social realities in which they participate
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