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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Lecture 10: Emerging Disease: vCJD, Ebola... A critical epistemology of emerging infectious disease Groups of diseases are not pandemic status Ebola restricted to small part of Africa There are some diseases that result in great societal response Rhetoric of Immediacy- Farmer 1999 Who is being affected What are factors that lead to these groups of diseases that lead to challenges o Always tie back to bigger factors Ebola Disease that has zoonotic origins Through interactions with wild animals Became pathogens that is transmitted from human to human o But first it was transmitted from animals to humans If diagnoses with ebola, most likelihood you die o Those survive is because their immune system able to fight it o There is no treatment 50-90% get hemorrhagic form that is deadly Commonly in nosominal setting Dramatic disease The way they die is they bleed out, because organs destroying Localized to certain parts of Africa that affects humans Ebola reston- affects monkeys, humans can contract it, but dont suffer the symptoms Natural reservoir thought to be a bat o Tend to be from bat biting other animals o Bat droppings- when they eat fruit, they bite some and part of fruit falls and other animals eat it Parts of Africa acquiring diseases from monkeys, chimps Earliest cases 1976 in dem. Of republic of congo Late 70s is our recongintion of it Most people who acquire it dies of the disease Nov 2008, Philippines- Ebola-reston- subtype of ebola, kills other animals, but dont kill other humans o Somehow pigs are exposed to it Human cases are in Africa only Public health response is to wear bio-hazard suits Educating people about eating bush meats, burial Some still believe that it was witchcraft, cults Stigma, scapegoating Chimps, gorillas acquire Ebola and die in forests- high cases Factors in distribution of Ebola Regional trade networks o Spread of Ebola outward into other parts of Africa o Spread of Ebola follow the development of roads Other evolving social systems o Africa have to compete globally- have to move out to find work Human behavioural factors People getting Ebola were not the well off people that live in cities Disease of poverty- force people to eat new meats, not have access to healthcare o Remote outposts that are generally under staff- one nurse or one doctor o Ebola is a disease that should be deal in most technological hospital as possible
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