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Lecture 1

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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

ANTC68 Lecture 1: Deconstructing Epidemics Endemic: when infectiousnon-infectious disease is present in a population at a relatively constant (usually low) level at all times (no change in incidence over time) o Big part of world o Factors that cause an unexpected rise o A lot of diseases at endemic level Epidemic: when infectiousnon-infectious disease rate (# of new cases or incidence) suddenly increases above the expected or normal level for a short time in a localized area Pandemic: when number of diseases cases occurring worldwide suddenly increases The Epidemiological Triad Human host Pathogen (agent) Environment (physical or cultural) o Physical- sun, living aspects like insects o Socio-cultural- how people live, how culture living environment impact diseases Have to understand how they actually evolve, interact with each other and how pathogens work within the body Infectious diseases is something global, not just in foreign countries, outside of where we live Diseases that are form out of origin dont restrict geographically Most diseases been around forever, very basic infectious diseases o Lots of diseases are highly preventable Social contexts we c
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