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Lecture 4

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Mary Silcox

Plesiadapiforms (stem primates) Part 2 Plesiadapidae Plesiadapiforms Info Carpolestidaedae Superfamily: Plesiadapoidea Late paleocene North America Carpolestes has a divergent toe with a nail Picromomyidae Mitten shaped P4 Species: carpolestes simpsoni  has an opposable big toe, is arboreal, has small orbits but is thought to be nocturnal (small optic foramen) Plesiadapiforms (stem primates) Part 2 Had three upper incisors Plesiadapidaeae Superfamily: Plesiadapoidea ToliapinidaePaleocene – Early Eocene Plesiadapiforms (stem primates) Part 1idae North America and Europe Purgatoriidae Plesiadapiforms (stem primates) Part 2 Molars resemble that of primates Plesiadapidae Carpolestidae herbivorous & insectivorous Picrodontidae Picromomyidae arboreal and slow moving large (7 pounds) Microsyopidae Saxonellidae Picromomyidae Superfamily: Plesiadapoidea Late Paleocene North America & Germany P3 is mitted shaped (like a blade) Paromomyidae ToToliapinidae Palaechthonids Superfamily: Paromomyidae Micromomyidae Saxonellidae Middle Paleocene Saxonellidae North America Plesiadapiforms (stem primates) Part 1 insectivores limited stereoscopic abilities Purgatoriidae Palaechthonidae great sense of smell nocturnal thought to be terrestrial (nose to the ground) but its arboreal Picrodontidae Paromomyids Superfamily: Paromomyidae Middle Paleocene – late Eocene Microsyopidae North America, Europe, and Asia (widely distributed) Mitten like incisors Adapted for climbing or vertical clinging Paromomyidae They have pointed p4 (distinctive premolar) Micromomyidae The molars are broad and flat indicating frugivorous diet Species: Clarkforkian Ignacius  scampering, vertical clinging, 300g- 500g, gum eating (have similarities with callitrichine)
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