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Art History

Exhibiting your art at art galleries is critical if your artist career agenda includes getting your art in front of people who count curators critics collectors dealers and other influential art communitarians When you get a show either solo or group youve got to take full advantage of the opportunity the plaudits dont automatically roll in Youre suddenly out of the studio and into the art world where a unique protocol prevails and getting to know the territory particularly from the art gallery owner or gallerist perspective comes in mighty handyBasically you and your art gallery form a partnership contractual or casual the goal being for each of you to make the other look as absolutely astonishingly spectacular as possible This is your big chance and your gallerys as well Everybody wants to go up nobody wants to go down But heres the thing youre showing your art on the gallerists turf namely their gallery so the complete freedom you enjoy in the studio is suddenly tempered by the exigencies of the marketplace not the least of which is that the gallery owner has to sell enough art to make expenses or else the gallery folds The galleriest has skills talents rules preferences and ways of doing business that you are now subject to So to make your transition from studio to gallery from creative expression to presenting and selling the merchandise as seamless productive and mutually gratifying as possible lets look at the tradeoff in terms of what you get for what you give and why galleries work they way they do You give your all thats your end of the deal In return the gallery gives you two kinds of benefits obvious and not so obvious For example when you show at a gallery you get the exhibition space a setting for your art to be on display for as long as the show lasts Thats obvious Whats not so obvious is that a show often comes with a mandate or even a challenge to create a new body of work a deadline by which to create it a duty to discipline yourself in the process and a place for you to present it when youre done The upside can be huge an opportunity to advance your creative ideals and inspirations into previously unexplored territory and to debut this work in a serious venue The alternative is that you make art on you own when you feel like it without time constraints without structure and without knowing whether anyone will see the results except maybe people who visit your studio As Lisa Chadwick of Dolby Chadwick Gallery in San Francisco says Getting an exhibition date gives an artist something to work towards the finality of having to have their art ready and the knowledge that it will show in public When youve got that
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