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Art History
Roger Mc Cleary

High Classical Solution 2012-10-22 9:23 PM • Polykleitos formulated classic solution • Created a statue of a man carrying a book and a spear o The spear-bearer is in the midst of a step with potential movement, but action is far less vigorous than Discus-thrower o Contrast of contracted torso and extended torso on the other gives the body a look of dynamic equilibrium, very different from static symmetry of the koroi o Alternation of tensed and relaxed limbs with a responsive torso is called contrapposto o This is used again and again throughout history of art o Two sides have different qualities: one is harmonious and tranquil while the other is sharp and angular Metopes: Few But Telling Figures • Metopes are easy to decorate and fill than pediments • Moment must be illustrated and no more than 3 figures used Freizes: Difficulties of Design • More problems than metopes • Long, narrow ribbown for which it was not easy to find satisfactory subject • The above two are both used in the Parthenon, but one uses simplicity and the other has richly expressive carving • Same contrast is found between a river god at the pediment at Olympia and the river out at Parthenon • Compare the early-classical Discus-throw
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