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VPAB05 Nov 16 Lecture Umberto Eco on Postmodernism … “The postmodern reply to the modern consists of recognizing that the past, since it cannot really be destroyed, because its destruction leads to silence, must be revisited: but with irony, not innocently.” - we have avant garde always moving forward - as you move forward, you meet a wall/blank state - you need to recognize the past - don’t just turn back to the past and completely imitate that, (there is that in contemporary culture) but in post- modernism, there is an ironic engagement with the past. Turn to the past, and find material you can use to move forward and innovate. But innovation seems to become impossible…. Jameson tells us this (more pessimistic view compared to Eco) - if unlike the avant garde modernist, deals with the past..”As Barbara cartland…” not wanting to sound like her, but address it and engage it ironically, not pretending to be innocent “In the same artist the modern moment and the postmodern moment can coexist, or alternate, or follow each other closely.” - reject Jameson - Modernism is not dead and replaced by postmodernism - Don’t want to hear “the postmodern era”… not such a thing says prof - Modern and postmodernism can coexist “The postmodern discourse… demands, in order to be understood, not the negation of the already said, but its ironic rethinking.” --- Defining Characteristics of Postmodernism  Irony the conduit, inspired by a muse, not  Parody/pastiche knowing where their art comes from  Intertextuality  Fragmentation  Appropriation o Pieces of a bigger picture o Taking something and making it yours  Hybridity  Eclecticism o Mixing two or more; fusing things together o Pulling on various different things  Plurality  Juxtaposition o Many voices
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