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Lecture 2

ASTA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: International Astronomical Union, Star Catalogue, Constellation

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Kristen Menou

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Whe ou look up at the stas, ou look out though a lae of ai ol aout 
kiloetes deep  k ost of it!
 Beod that, spae is eal ept
Keep i id that ou lie o a plaet, a oig platfo.
Eath otates 迴轉 o its ais oe a da.
All aoud the old, aiet ultues eleated heoes, gods, ad thial easts
 aig goups of stas alled ostellatios.
The ostellatios aed ithi Weste ultue oigiated i Mesopotaia,
Balo 巴比倫, Egpt, ad Geee egiig as a as  eas ago.
不達米亞文明,它大體位於現今的伊拉克,其存在時間從公元前 4000 󱔝到公元前 2世紀,
Of these aiet ostellatios,  ae still i use.
Costellatio oudaies, he the ee defied at all, ee ol appoiate.
A sta like Alpheatz ould e thought of as pat of Pegasus ad also pat of
I eet etuies, astooes hae added  ode ostellatios to fill gaps.
I , the Iteatioal Astooial Uio IAU estalished  offiial
ostellatios ith leal defied peaet oudaies that, togethe, oe the
etie sk.
A ostellatio o epesets ot a goup of stas ut a setio of the ska
ieig dietio.
 A sta ithi the egio elogs to ol that oe ostellatio
I additio to 除了 the  offiial ostellatios, the sk otais a ue of less
foall defied 確定的 goupigs ko as asteiss.星群
the Big Dippe is a asteis ou poal eogize that is pat of the ostellatio
Usa Majo 北斗星 the Geat Bea
aothe eaple: the “outhe Coss 南十字
Aothe asteis is the Geat “uae of Pegasus 飛馬󱕐 that iludes thee stas
fo Pegasus ad Alpheatz 壁宿二, o osideed to e pat of Adoeda 仙女
“oe stas a e a ties fathe aa tha othes i the sae ostellatio
ad oig though spae i diffeet dietios.
The ol thig the hae i oo is that the lie i appoiatel the sae
dietio fo Eath.
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