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Lecture 17

ASTA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Upsilon Andromedae, 55 Cancri, 51 Pegasi

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Kristen Menou

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Chapte . Etasola Sstes
Etasola plaet disoe:
- Pulsa plaets
-  Wole ethod adial eloit
-  Tasit oultatio, elipse ethod
-  Eaples ad statistis
Etrasolar Plaets 太陽系外行星
A plaet oitig aothe sta is alled a etrasolar plaet o a eoplaet
Suh a plaet is usuall uite fait ad diffiult to detet lose to the glae 強光 of
its sta.
Hoee, thee ae as to fid these plaets.
To see ho, all ou hae to do is iagie alkig a dog.
Thik of soeoe alkig a pool taied dog o a leash.
The dog us aoud pullig o the leash.
Ee if it ee a iisile dog, ou ould plot 計算 its path  athig ho its
oe as jeked ak ad foth aoud the Cete of Mass
I the sae a, astooes a detet a plaet oitig aothe sta –  athig
ho the sta oes as the plaet tugs 拖拉 o it.
Ho the sta oes is eealed  eithe:
It’s siusoidal 正弦 otio o a sk astoeti detetio, o Ho its light hages
feue due to the Dopple effet 督普勒效應 adial eloit detetio, o If it
seds pulses as a pulsa, the  the tie dela of pulse aial ties
[I , Caadia astooes Bue Capell, G.A.H. Walke, ad S. Yag
disoeed a etasola plaet oitig a ia 二進制 sta sste, ut thei
disoe as ot ofied util .]
The fist  ofied etasola plaets ee disoeed aoud a pulsa  Fail ad
Wolszza i 
It foed i a supeoa eplosio ad has  s peiod of otatio
Etrasolar Plaets:  Peg
The fist plaet oitig a sulike sta as disoeed i  aoud the sta 
As the plaet iles the sta, the sta oles slightl.
The e sall otios of the sta ae detetale as Dopple shifts i the sta’s
spetu 光譜.
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