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Lecture 1

ASTA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Cern, Particle Accelerator, Eurasian Plate

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Kristen Menou

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You ae aout to go o a oage 旅遊 to the liits of the ko uiese
You ill tael outad, aa fo ou hoe o eath, past the oo ad the su
ad the othe plaets of ou sola sste, past the stas ou see i the ight sk, ad
eod illios oe stas that a e see ol ith the aid of the telesopes
You ill isit the ost distat galaies-geat gloes ad hilpools 渦流 of stas
The, ou ill otiue o, aied ol  epeiee ad iagiatio, seekig to
udestad the stutue of the uiese
Astoo is oe tha the stud of plaets, stas, ad galaies.
It is the stud of the hole uiese i hih ou lie
Huait is ofied to 限制於 a sall plaet ilig a aeage sta
The stud of astoo a take ou eod 以外 these oudaies ad help
ou ot ol see hee ou ae i the uiese, ut udestad hat ou ae
You ill see ho siee oks ad ho it soles the oldest uestio asked 
huakid, suh as the eistee of othe plaets like ou o, ad othe sola
You iagiatio is the ke to disoe
It ill e ou sietifi spae-ad-tie ahie, taspotig ou aoss the
uiese ad ito the past ad futue
Although ou ill see eidee of a egiig to the uiese, ou ill ot fid a
edge o a ed i spae
No atte ho fa ou oage, ou ill ot u ito a all. The uiese a e
That is, it a eted i all dietios ithout liit
Aout  eas ago astooes foud that the uiese epads. Aout  eas
ago the foud that it is epadig at a aeleatig 加󴛈 pae 󴛈度. Nood et
kos eatl h
Astoo ill itodue ou to size distaes, ad ties fa eod ou usual
epeiee o eath
You task i this hapte is to gasp the eaig, the sale, of these ufailia sizes,
distaes, ad ties
I this hapte, ou ill opae ojets of diffeet sizes i ode to opehed
the sale of the uiese
Fo sola sste to gala to uiese
We a stat e lose to a iteestig ojet i the gade of the CERN isito
CERN 歐洲核子研究組織 is the hoe of the Large Hardro Collider 強子對撞機,
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