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Lecture 19

ASTA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Geology Of The Moon, Anorthosite, The Moons

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Kristen Menou

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Chapte 
Copaatie Plaetolog of the Teestial Plaets
Letue  – Teestial plaets: Moo, Meu
The Moo
If ou had ee the fist peso to step oto the sufae of the Moo, hat ould
ou hae said?
Aeia Neil Astog i  espoded to the histoi sigifiae of the fist
hua step o the sufae of aothe old.
We ko that the Moo is too sall to hae etaied 保留 a atosphee, so
stollig 漫󲈎 o the sufae euies a spaesuit siila to that used  astoauts.
As ell, plas fo suh eploatio ould hae to ilude the fat that the
tepeatue diffeee fo sushie to shade is etee.
Lua Geology
Thee ae to kids of teai 地形 o the Moo.
The dak ga aeas isile fo Eath ae the sooth lua lolads 低地, hih –
daig o the Lati od fo seas – ealie astooes aed aia.
You ould also isit the lighte-oloued outaious lua highlads.
The Moo looks uite ight i the ight sk see fo Eath.
I fat, the aledo 反照率 of the Moo is ol .— that is, it eflets ol 
peet of the light that hits it.
The Moo looks ight ol i otast to the ight sk.
It is, i ealit, a dak ga old.
Wheee ou go o the Moo, ou ill fid ates.
The highlads ae aked heail  ates.
I otast, the sooth lolads otai fe ates.
The eidee that ates o the Moo ee foed  ipats is thei
distiguishig haateistis, suh as shape ad the ateial ejeta 噴出物the
hae spead aoss the Moo’s sufae.
Cates age i size fo giat asis hudeds of kiloetes aoss to iosopi
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微粒 pits foud i oo oks.
Most of the ates ae old.
The ee foed log ago, he the sola sste as oug.
This is lea fo opaiso of ages of oo oks olleted fo the heail
ateed highlads ad the soehat ouge, less heail ateed aia.
Tele Aeia astoauts fo Apollo issios isited oth the Moo’s aia
ad highlads i si epeditios 遠征 etee  ad .
Most oks the foud, oth i the highlads ad the aia, ee tpial of
hadeed 硬化 laa.
The aia ae atuall aiet asalt laa flos.
The highlads, i otast, ae oposed of lo-desity ok otaiig ieals.
Fo eaple, aothosite 斜長石– a light-coloued ock that otiutes to the
highlads’ ight otast ith the dak aia – ould e aog the fist ateial to
solidif ad float 浮動 to the top of olte ok.
Ma oks foud o the Moo ae eias. is a ok oposed of oke fagets
of ieals o ok eeted togethe  a fie-gaied 有細密紋理的 ati 模型
that a e siila to o diffeet fo the opositio of the fagets.
These ae ade up of fagets of oke ok eeted 接合 togethe ude
The eias sho ho etesiel 廣泛 the Moo’s sufae has ee shatteed
 eteoites.
“o does the sufae lae of pode 粉狀的 dust kiked up  a astoaut’s oots.
The Oigi of Eath’s Moo
Oe the last to etuies, astooes hae deeloped thee diffeet hpotheses
fo the oigi of Eath’s oo.
The fissio 分裂 hpothesis poposed that the Moo oke fo a apidl spiig
旋轉 potoEath 原地球.
The odesatio hpothesis suggested Eath ad its oo odesed fo the
sae loud of atte i the sola eula.
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