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Lecture 9

ASTA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Sidereus Nuncius, Galilean Moons, The Moons

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Kristen Menou

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Galileo Galilei as o i the Italia it of Pisa, ad studied ediie thee ut
late oied his fathe that he should stud atheatis ad atual siee i.e.,
He disoeed that the pedulu sigs 搖擺不定 ith a peiod idepedet of
ho fa it is defleted 偏轉, ostuted theoete 溫度計 et.
Eetuall, he eae pofesso of atheatis at the uiesit at Padua, hee he
eaied fo  eas.
Duig this tie, Galileo adopted the Copeia ies.
Telesopi Oseatios
It as the telesope that doe Galileo to pulil defed the helioeti odel.  
Galileo did ot iet the telesope.
 It as appaetl ieted aoud 68 y les 鏡片 akes i Hollad.
Galileo, heaig desiptios i the Fall of , as ale to uild okig telesopes
i his okshop.工作坊
Also, Galileo as ot the fist peso to look at the sk though a telesope.
Hoee, he as the fist to osee the sky aefully ad apply his oseatios to
the ai theoetial pole of the day: the plae ad atue of Eath aog
What Galileo sa though his telesopes as so aazig that he ushed a sall ook
ito pit, Sideeus Nuius The “tay Messege.
I the ook, he epoted to ajo disoeies aout the sola sste.
Fist, the Moo as ot pefet. Aistotles
philosophy held that the Moo as pefet
It had outais ad alles o its sufae.
Galileo used the shados to alulate the height of the outais.
Galileo shoed that it as a old like Eath, This put a diisio of the old ito
heae ad eath, to opletel diffeet eals, ito uestio.
Telesopi Oseatios of Jupite & oos
Seod, Galileos telesope eealed fou e plaetsilig Jupite.
Toda, these plaetsae ko as the Galilea oos of Jupite
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