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Lecture 7

ASTA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Egyptian Astronomy, Lunar Standstill, Crab Nebula

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Kristen Menou

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The Oigi of Mode Astoo
-Aiet astoo - 
The Copeia eolutio 哥󲴦尼革命
- De Bahe ad Keple
- Galileo
- Neto
- Late deelopets
Ceset 󱱙󱶱
Paleolithi ae 舊石器時代的洞穴
Geoeti 幾何
Moe oiig eidee of eal astooial oseatios as foud i Afria,
hee a aed oe that is 8 ears old shos pitogaphs 象形 of the eset
“oe of the ost aeful osees ad detailed eod-keepes ee the
Balo is o a it i Ia, i Mesopotaia egio etee the to ies: Tigis
底格󴡵󱱘河 ad Euphates 幼󲴥拉底河
The first feale astrooerreorded i histor as aed i a Baloia talet
fro  BCE.
E Hedu’Aa as piestess 祭司 of the Moo Goddess.
Baloia piests like E Hedu’Aa i Mesopotaia eoded the detailed otios
of the isile plaets o thousads of talets oe tha  eas ago.
I  BCE, a solar elipse as also oseed ad eoded  the Baloias.
Ou diisio of ile ito =* uits, ad ’ i oe degee, as ell as  i ’,
deies fo the seagesial 六󰧪󴛛製 outig sste ase .
Ou ostellatios of the zodia ae ased o pattes idetified  the Baloias.
“oe aes ae Sueria pre-Baloia蘇美人
The Chaldea Baloia 迦勒底人 priests-astrologers ke the 8-ear Saros,
the su-oo le
沙羅󴛚期18 󱔝11 󰿒又 8小時󵞸大約 6585 日󵞹的食的󴛚期,可以用來預測
󰿓陽和󱶱球的食 經過󰒩個沙羅󴛚期,󰿓陽地球和󱶱球回到相似的幾何對應
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Aoud  BCE, the Egptias used thei oseatios of the peiodi isig of the
sta ko to us as Sirius 󰿒狼星 to ak the fist da of a -da aledar.
Egptia astoo: “iius = Isis, “u = Ra
Sirius, the rightest star i the sk, hih the idetified ith the fetilit 肥沃
goddess Isis, fist appeaed i the peda 黎明前 sk eah ea just as the Nile
羅河 ega its lifegiig floods, o the th da of the ea.
It disappeaed o the este sk afte suset  das pio to Ne Yea
While the isig of the Nile aied ea to ea, “iius appeaed ith pefet
 Oe agai, this helped the pedit platig seaso ad pepae fo the floods, o
The Egptias ere also the first to diide the ight ad da ito  hours, usig
the risig of right stars later alled deas durig suer ights.
Our oder -hour lok oes its origis to the aiet Egptias.
The decans are 36 groups of stars (small constellations) used in the Ancient
Egyptian astronomy.
They rose consecutively 連續的 on the horizon 地󱔜線 throughout each earth rotation.
The rising of each decan marked the beginning of a new decanal "hour" (Greek hōra) of
the night for the ancient Egyptians, and they were used as a sidereal star clock beginning
by at least the 9th or 10th Dynasty 王朝 (c. 2100 BCE).
Paids ee aliged 對齊 toads the pole sta, hih, eause of the peessio
歲差 of the euioes 分點, as at that tie Thua 右樞, a fait sta i the
ostellatio of Dao 󰿒龍󱕐
Teple of Au-Re 埃及神 at Kaak 󰨊耐克神廟, takig ito aout the hage
oe tie of the oliuit 傾角 of the elipti 黃󴛼, as aliged o the isig of the
idite su
Paids ee sot-of lauhes of souls of dead phaaohs 法老 ito the afteold
though the tuel at the elestial pole – oidos 走廊/shafts hee oieted
面向 toad Thua sepet i Aai.
A -ea-old stoe ile i “otlad 蘇格蘭 aks the ise ad set of the Moo
duig a pheoeo alled the luar stadstill 󱶱球停變, hih ous eer
8. ears due to the preessio of the Moos orital plae.
󱶱球停變期的󴛚期是 18.6 󱔝,是󱶱球緯󱕏變化到󴛽極大值的󴛚期其結果是,在
Duig this tie, the ost othel ad ost southel isig ad settig of the
Moo ou ee oth
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