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Lecture 16

ASTA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Exoplanet, Debris Disk, Spacewatch

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Kristen Menou

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Chapte . Oigis. Etasola Sstes
Giat ipat epoh Sola sste: Theo s. oseatios
Dust disks i othe plaeta sstes: Beta Pitois 主序帶󰒳的恆星 ad othe
Etasola plaet disoe:
- Pulsa 脈動星 plaets
-  ole ethod 擺動方法adial eloit 逕向速度
-  tasit 過境oultatio 隱藏, elipse 日蝕 ethod
- eaples ad statistis
Cotiuig Boadet 轟擊 of the Plaets
this oadet epesets the slo otiuatio of the aetio 吸積 of the
Eaths oo, Meu, Veus, Mas, ad ost of the oos i the sola sste ae
oeed ith ates 隕石坑
Most of the ates ou see appea to hae ee foed oughl  illio eas ago
as the last of the deis i the sola eula as sept up  the plaets.
This is alled the hea oadet.
 illio eas ago, at the ed of the Cetaeous 󲴦堊紀 peiod, oe % of the
speies o Eath, espeiall a lage aials like the diosaus ad pteodatls
翼手龍, et etit 絕種 oe a shot peiod of tie less tha  eas
Othe ealie etitios also ee defiig the oudaies of geologial 地質
epohs 時代
Cetaious 󲴦堊紀-Tetia 第󰒲紀 etitio 滅絕
It is ih i the eleet Iidiu – oo i eteoites 隕石, ut ae i Eaths
ust . This suggests that a lage ipat alteed Eaths liate ad aused the
oldide etitio.
Cotiuig Boadet of the Plaets
Matheatial odels idiate that a ajo ipat ould ejet 噴射 huge aouts
of puleized /ed hot ok high aoe the atosphee.
As this ateial fell ak 回落, Eaths atosphee ould e tued ito a gloig
紅通通的 oe 烤箱 of ed-hot eteoites steaig though the ai.
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This heat ould tigge 觸󲴥 assie foest fies aoud the old.
Soot 煤煙 fo suh fies has ee foud i the fial Cetaeous la laes 地層.
Oe the fiestos 大火 ae ooled, the eaiig dust i the atosphee ould
lok sulight ad podue deep dakess fo a ea o oe, killig off ost plat
life. so-alled Nulea ite 核冬天 odel, sie siila effet ould esult fo
ulea a 一個關於全球氣候變化的理論,它預測了一場大規模核戰爭可能產
Othe effets, suh as aid aiad eoous tsuais tidal aes, ae also
pedited  the odels.
Geologists hae loated a ate 彈坑 at least  k i diaete eted ea the
illage of Chiulu i the othe Yuatá egio of Meio.
Although the ate is opletel oeed  sediets 沉積物, ieal 礦物
saples sho that it otais shoked uatz 石英 tpial 典型 of ipat sites ad
that it is the ight age.
The ipat of a ojet  to  k i diaete foed the ate aout  illio
eas ago, just he the diosaus ad a othe speies died out.
Most Eath sietists o eliee that this is the sa 疤痕 of the ipat that eded
the Cetaeous peiod.
We still dot full ko h soe aial failies suied hile othe died.
It took  M fo aie eosstes 生態系統 to eoe
Eathligs 地球人 athed i ae 恐嚇 duig si das i the sue of  as 
o oe fagets 片段 fo the head of oet Shoeake-Le  slaed ito
撞󰒳 Jupite.
This podued ipats euallig illios of egatos 兆噸 of TNT.
O Eath it ould ause a alost C-T etaeous-tetia tpe etitio
Cotiuig Boadet of the Plaets: SL 9
Eah ipat eated a fieall of hot gases ad left ehid dak sudges 汙跡 that
eaied isile fo oths aftead 之後.
The hae that a ajo ipat ill ou duig ou lifetie is so sall that it is
had to estiate
Hoee, the oseuees of suh a ipat ae so seee that huait should e
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