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Lecture 2

ASTA02H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Electromagnetic Spectrum, Black Body, Apparent Magnitude

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Diana Valencia

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Astro 2015-01-22
Electromagnetic spectrum
- Waves of light, including visible and non-visible light
- All of the electromagnetic radiation
- All the energy received
- Amount of energy passing the unit area in a unit time
- Measure of total amount of energy released by a body per unit time
m -> Apparent magnitude
- How you see it
- M = 6 vs m = -6 (-6 is considered bigger in terms of magnitude)
M -> absolute magnitude
- Place the object 10 pc away.
- Take a measure of it that is the absolute magnitude
Su’s  = 4.86
Black body
- A body that absorbs all electromagnetic radiation
Black body radiation
- EM radiation emitted by a black body in thermodynamic equilibrium
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