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ASTA02H3 Lecture Notes - Planetary Nebula, Stellar Population, Thick Disk

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Parandis Khavari

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Astronomy - Session 16
spiral arms
full of gas and dust
young stars
every arm is a density wave
mostly made of O and B stars
Orion-Cygnus arm
not located in the arm it was born in
stars in halo
crazy, irregular, and random orbits
stars in galaxy
circular, regular orbits
star born in the galaxy inherits the rotation of the galaxy
material arms
winding dilemma
pattern (of spiral arms) should be lost
density wave theory
spiral arms
not material arms
pattern of compression wave
clouds of gas and dust
compressed by compression wave
star formation
eventually moves along
proposes that arms are waves of compression that move around the Galaxy
trigger star formation
does not describe spurs and branches
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