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Class Notes for ASTB03H3 at University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC)

UTSCASTB03H3Eric ShaverWinter

Lecture 2

OC88703 Page
17 Feb 2012
Tried to prove that earth was stationary was not in motion. Evidence: objects would be left behind by rotating or revolving earth. Moving earth would p
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UTSCASTB03H3Eric ShaverWinter

Solar System

OC88705 Page
17 Feb 2012
Knowing the distance between two places will give you the distance to the third point (the planet) One distance to mars is known, other distances. Radi
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UTSCASTB03H3Eric ShaverWinter

Lecture 3

OC88704 Page
17 Feb 2012
Analyzed brahe"s data for mars (brahe died) Came up with the idea of elliptical orbits. Circles from the center, every point on the circle is at an equ
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Chapter 6

OC90815 Page
29 Apr 2011
Researchers have taken the view that prejudice originated and was maintained within the majority perceiver of the minority target. Stigma: unusual char
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