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Lecture 8

lecture 8-9

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Lecture 8 Planetary Properties o Terrestrial Planets Mercury Venus Earth and Mars All have atmosphere except for mercury o Earth and Mars rotation is almost the same o Venus and Mercury rotate much slowerVenus rotates in opposite direction o Earth and Mars have moons o Venus and Mercuryo Earth and Venus have magnetic fields but venus and mars does not o Jovian Planets Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune All have atmosphere o Most asteroids are between 22 and 33 AU from the sun o Kirkwood gaps associated with resonance o Special ratio between the asteroid Jupiter so that two meet regularly in the same location o 13 means asteroid with this semimajor axis will orbit the sun 3 times for every one orbit by Jupiter which means the gravity of Jupiter changes the asteroids trajectory overtime o Interplanetary orbits o Comets Icy with some rock parts o 110km in size and made of truly primordial material o Comets are from outer reaches of solar system Lect
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