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Lecture 11

lecture 11-12

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Lecture 11 Earth o Earths magnetic field is complex at planets core o Magnetosphere Region around the Earth where charged particles from solar wind are trapped o Charged particles are trapped in areas called the Van Allen Belts which protects life o Earths magnetic field is dipolar o Van Allen belts intersect the atmosphere near the poles which creates aurorao Tides o Tides are experienced twice per day o Sun has some effects on tides o Spring Tides Full or new moon ie alignment with sun Cause high tides face the moon and opposite side o Neap tides Moon is at first or third quarter ie perpendicular to Sun High tides are experienced facing the moon o Tides exert a drag force on Earth which is slowing the rotation which will overtime synchronize the Earth to the moon in billions of years o Moon and Mercury o Have no atmosphereo Why Air does not stick aroundLighter molecules escape Higher temperature excites air mol
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