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Astronomy - Session 15

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Parandis Khavari

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Astronomy - Session 15  topics  Milky Way (Galaxy), dark matter, black hole at the center of the Galaxy  Galileo confirmed that the white band (the Milky Way) was made of stars  determined the shape of the Milky Way through star distribution  wheel or disk  not a sphere because the stars were not uniformly distributed  Herschel worked with his sister, Caroline  thought that the Sun was close to the center of the Milky Way  thought that the shape of the Milky Way was a disk  Kapteyn  bigger model than Herschel’s  thought that the Sun was 600 pc away from the center  thought that the shape of the Milky Way was a disk  Why were both Herschel and Kapteyn wrong about the shape of the Milky Way?  Interstellar Dust  Interstellar Dust  obstructs view, esp. towards the center of the Galaxy  interstellar gas  emission can be seen from very far away  dust extinction  dimming of starlight by dust  interstellar reddening  blue light is almost completely absorbed  can only probe galaxy through  infrared light  radio waves  galaxy is probed in 21cm lines of Hydrogen    Shapley (1915)  measured distance between globular clusters  known that globular clusters were not uniformly spread  Leavitt  studied small magellanic clouds  satellite galaxies orbiting Milky Way  noticed stars regularly changing brightness  located at approx. same distance  relationship between intrinsic brightness and pul
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