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Solar System

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AstronomyFebruary 7Size of Solar SystemCassiniRicherKnowing the distancebetween two places will give you the distance to the third point the planetOne distance to Mars is known other distancesRadius of Earths orbitAstronomical Unit150 million km Astronomical Unit is the measure usedIf you know how wide a planet looks you can use that information to find out its distanceMeasurement of Speed of Light 1600sObservations of Jupiters moonsJupiter is constantly eclipsing the moons and vice versaWhen people watch Jupiter over time the moons are supposed to regularly go behind jupiter and reappearbut over the course of the year the eclipses occur earlier than expected and vice versaWhat Roemer realized waswe are moving in an orbit on earthas we get further away from jupiterthe light has to travel further away from the event so it will take longer and longer to see itSo changes are a result of light having to travel further to reach Earth as Earth moves in orbitBased on this time delay he was able to calculate speed of light300 000 kmsSo it wasnt intended to find the speed of lightWhen you look at the moon you look at how it was a second ago when you look at the sun you look at how it was 8 minutes agoReflectorsA kind of telescopeOne of the first was developed by Isaac Newton 1668Instead of using a lens to concentrate the light you can use a concave mirror to concentrate the lightIf you make the mirror bigger you can gather more light and the more you can magnifyThese were popular towards end of 1600 because they were fairly small telescopeslighter weight and high magnificationPutting it on a stand to make to easier to useEquatorial mountMounts stands that are tilted on an angleRather than having telescope swing two ways you have it swing one waywhich makes it easier to track thingsAllows for stabilityimproves measurementsThe Modern Solar SystemMoons discovered around Saturn late 1600sWilliam Herschel discoveres Uranus 1781He observed a dot in the sky Uranus takes 85 years to go around the sun This was an accidental discovery
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