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Lecture 2

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ASTB03Lecture 2Greek AstronomyAristotleTried to prove that Earth was stationarywas not in motionEvidence Objects would be left behind by rotating or revolving EarthMoving Earth would produce parallaz shift in stars positionsAstronomical MeasurementsRelative measurements comparing 2 things in nature for example the moon and the sunAristarchus 310 BCHow far the sun and moon are from the Earth in relative formBased on observations of timing of Moons phasesFound that sun is 19x further away than the moon wasSun is actually 392x further awayFound that Sun is 7x diameter of EarthSun is actually 109x the diameter of EarthEratosthenes 276 BCSun is never directly overhead in TorontoIn a particular place in Egypt Syene Sun was actually directly overheadPosition of Sun was also observed from AlexandriaThey found the angle between AlexandriaSyene70 degreesMeasurement unit they used was stadeDistance all around the Earth was 250 000 stade 40 000 kmAppolonius 220 BCIntroduced two ways of describin
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